Microsoft Outlook add-in


The contact data within a Federated Directory of a company is very valuable. The data gets even more powerful when it is accessible at the right moment; within the applications and services this company is already using. It is therefor logical to deliver an add-in to one of worlds most commonly used e-mail clients: Microsoft Outlook.

Currently, we are in the process of getting our add-in on-boarded within Microsoft AppSource. If this is finalized, it becomes more easy to install this feature within your Outlook environment (and push to your user community). For now, please follow the steps below to install the Federated Directory Outlook add-in on a single user basis.

Using the add-in on a single OWA client

Open your browser and navigate to:

This will open the page where you can manage your add-ins.

Manage your Outlook add-ins

Click on a “plus” icon to open a menu and click “Add from a URL”

Add an Outlook add-in from a URL as source

After you’ve clicked the menu item, a new form will be visible where you can enter the URL of the manifest file. Enter into the input field and click “Next”

Confirm you want to install the add-in from a URL

After you’ve clicked the “Next” button, a warning will be shown regarding unverified add-in. Ignore it for now, till our add-in is available in App Source. Click the “Install” button

Install add-in from specified URL source

A confirmation message will be displayed, stating that the add-in is added to your Outlook account.

Confirmation Outlook add-in was installed correctly

After you close the confirmation dialog, you should see “Federated Directory” add-in in the list of available add-ins:

List of installed add-ins within your Outlook client

Using the add-in in OWA

Now you can close the browser window which you’ve used to manage outlook add-ins and you can open your Outlook client. If Outlook was already open, it’s advised to close it completely and reopen it again.

Now, when you create a new message you will be able to see a Federated Directory icon in the top bar. If it’s not visible, click on a “Message” tab inside your new message window.

Search contacts is available when you start a new mail message

By clicking the Federated Directory icon, you will open an add-in pane on the right of your message. Inside this pane, you will have to log in to Federated Directory by clicking the “Login” button.

Start the Outlook add-in

When you click the “Login” button, a popup window will be shown. Please note, when you log in, you will have to provide the Microsoft account details which you normally use when logging in to Federated Directory.

Login to Federated Directory to allow Outlook to interact with it

As soon as you’ve finished all the login steps, the popup window will be closed and you should see list of contacts in the add-in pane

Start using Federated DIrectory as you are used to

Supported versions of Outlook

The add-in works with:

  • Windows Microsoft Outlook 2013 and onwards
  • Outlook for Mac (= Outlook 15.3) and onwards
  • Outlook Web Access 2013 and onwards

Known limitations

Currently there are no known issues using this add-in.

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Last updated on 18th Jan 2020