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Federated Directory makes it possible to connect multiple corporate address books1 and make them available to other companies you work with and trust.

This way, you can create a connected corporate address book that stretches over multiple companies. Employees from one company can search and filter the contact data of other companies within Federated Directory.

This leads to a substantial ease of collaboration between these companies.

With help of Federated Directory, Company A gets access to the contact details of users of Company B and Company C, meaning there is no need to export and import contact data every time again and again. Every company manages its address book and opens it up to other trusted companies.

Possible use cases are:

  • Companies that work together, but have their own isolated corporate address books
  • A company that uses different cloud services like Google Workspace and Azure AD
  • Franchises

The contact data in your Federated Directory can be searched and filtered in our web application, through our APIs or through Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

You can get started for free. No commitments.

1. ‘Corporate address book’ is also known as ‘Global Address List’ (GAL), ‘shared contacts’ or ‘company directory’.