Searching for contacts within your Federated Directory is as easy as typing the name of the person you are looking for. With every letter you type we instantly search and filter your Federated Directory.

Select the contact you are looking for to open up the contact details.

Searching your Federated Directory is easy

Search contacts within another company

Federated Directory has been built to make it easier to find the right contact information. Within your own company and across the companies you work with.

If your company is federated with other companies and they have opened up their contact information, you can search through their corporate address book. This can be done via the 'advanced contact filter'.

Press this button to open the 'advanced contact filter'.

Advanced contact filter button

A new dialog appears. Within this dialog you can select contact boundaries in which we will perform your contact search.

Select the company whose corporate address book you want to search in. When you select another company in this drop-down list, all other search filters will be reset.

Search contacts with a specific title. This drop-down shows all the titles we have found within the company selected above.

Search contacts with the same manager. Search through all the contacts within this company and select a manager. You will find all the contacts that refer to this user as their manager.

Only search contacts in a specific division within the company selected above. Changing a selected division will reset the department drop-down below.

Only search contacts in a specific department. The drop-down shows the departments within the division selected above. If no division is selected, it will show all the departments within this company.

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Last updated on 12th Jul 2019